Last week an eagerly awaited book arrived in the post. Stitch ‘n Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker. It started me on working towards my goal: I promised myself that I would learn how to knit and crochet within the year.

I’ve been wanting to learn since I was a little girl. Through the years I’ve gotten my mother to make a few attempts to teach me but I always got stuck. Then, last December, I found out about Ravelry, an online knit and crochet community. I signed up immediately and started browsing the forum to find out what people recommended for absolute beginners who don’t have the luxury of a skilled friend or a local knitting group. The Stitch ‘n Bitch Knitter’s Handbook was highly recommended. As soon as I had some Paypal credit I surfed to the BookDepository to get it. I saw there that there was also a crochet version and without hesitation ordered both. The crochet book arrived first, so I started that first, which maybe is for the best as crocheting seems much easier than knitting. The fast results are also very encouraging to a beginner like me.

Every day I look forward to the second half of my evening. That is when I make myself a cup of tea, get out my book, yarn and hook (from a 9 year old attempt kept hidden away in the attic) and try a new crochet stitch. I hope to be able to begin on one of the projects before March. Then, as soon as I feel a bit more confident about crocheting I’ll get started on knitting. I want to knit myself some socks and sweaters for winter. Maybe not winter 2012, but I’ll try to knit and crochet at least a few wearable/useable items by then. I’d also like to make a few things to give away if they’re good enough, I’ve already seen so many things I’d like to try! But for now I’m very pleased with the few samplers I’ve made so far. They’re tangible proof that I can do this. I can be a crafter.



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